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accessing the future via the past
(10-10-2016, 05:10 PM)tomzdadster Wrote: Thank you for guidance and encouragement, Todd!
I'll try to find the appropriate forum/thread for discussing the Muuh

You're very welcomeSmile And if you don't find an existing thread that really works for discussing the Muuh, feel free to start one. Creating new sub-forums isn't something we do lightly, but any member can create new threads as the spirit moves them.

(10-10-2016, 05:10 PM)tomzdadster Wrote: Btw, I'm kind of wondering how sexual reproduction makes sense for a species like the Muuh .... sex is usually seen as requiring a lot of energy ...

Perhaps something like the way fish do it?

One Muuh could lay some kind of egg(s) and then one or more Muuh could fertilize it/them externally. The parents (however many that might be) could then cooperate to care for the egg(s) and offspring.

Or perhaps they release spores which gradually grow into a Muuh child or adult, either when they come into contact with another Muuh, where they stick and 'gestate, or even in an appropriate local environement. Perhaps the Muuh 'farm' the next generation instead of birth them.

Just some thoughts,


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