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New Arrival
Hi, Welcome to OASmile

As Steve mentions, your idea sounds like it has the potential to be both intriguing and scary - and we like intriguing and scary!

Given the sheer scale of the setting, it seems likely that someone(s) somewhere(s) will try almost everything at some point or other, including things that are the other side of the line when it comes to issues of legality, ethics, or morality (however a given person or culture may define those things).

I can't think of any issues of OA Canon or the like that might prevent what you seem to be describing, but I'd suggest initially posting your thoughts and ideas to our General Setting Discussion sub-forum first, before formally writing them up as EG entries. That's generally a good idea with any new ideas, at least at first. Once you get into the swing of things, it's also fine to post things as EG articles from the start. Most members do a mix of both, depending on the subject matter, their area of expertise, and what they feel like doing.

Hope this helps, looking forward to reading more about your ideas, and once again:

Welcome to OA!


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