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<ADMIN> Minor issues due to server move
Hello, all,

You don't hear from me often, but I manage the tech side of the Orion's Arm website.

As you may be aware, we recently switched to a new ISP for our hosting. As a result, there are a couple of minor issues that you may be seeing. These are caused by the fact that our old and new ISPs have slightly different default settings on their database and web servers.

There are two types of issue that you may see:
  • Dashes and other punctuation characters may be replaced by a junk character that will usually display as a black diamond with a question mark in it. This is because our new DB isn't set up correctly to support certain special characters used in place of regular punctuation characters by text editors like MS Word.
  • Missing images. It seems that our old host was permissive around the case of filenames, and thus some issues are referred to with filenames of the wrong case - for example image.JPG instead of image.jpg. The behavior on our new host is correct; we've just gotten away without having to make that fix in the past.

If you see instances of the former, don't worry about them - we have a plan to get them all fixed, though it will likely take until the weekend for us to execute it.

If you see instances of the latter, please let us know in this thread so that we can go and correct them.

Thanks for your attention!

If you see anything else on the site that's behaving strange, please let me know here!
In case you didn't already see this in the proofreading thread:

The pictorial icon is broken for the section "MOVIES AND CLIPS FROM ORION'S ARM"
(No picture is shown. Instead the "broken link" icon is shown in its upper-left corner.)
Aye; that is a cases of JPG instead of jpg. I'll put it right as soon as I can - other images (such as this one on the wormhole page) are affected.
If anyone sees such a missing image please let us know; the fix should be easy to do.
Ozymandias Institute, The

Frontispiece is missing, displaying the "broken image" icon.
Fixed Stories & Art menu image
Fixed Wormholes image
Fixed Ozymandias institute
Are there any more of these?
(09-05-2016, 04:48 AM)xorgnz Wrote: Are there any more of these?

I'll look for some more, but using the Web interface essentially means that one has to visit each page which has a picture to see if something's broken. That could take a while.

In principle, I think someone with access to the source for the web pages could do a programmatic search to see if image names match their on disk file names. That might (or might not) be somewhat faster.
Here's another page with a "broken" image link:
Efficiency Maximization Paradigm
(Fractal Ship)
Hmm. Good point - I could write something to do a match, but it'll be a while before I have time to do so.

Post what you find here for now, and I'll run a match when I'm able.
I'm on holiday for a week from tomorrow, but when I get back I'll have some time to fix any outstanding issues.

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