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I am currently going through the SCP Foundation website. Most of the stuff on the site is fictional paranormal (ie impossible) entities, locations and phenomena but a few look almost plausible with Clarkean Magic.
Could a microbe like this be gengineered in 10601 AT?

Hm. Something in the form of either a hylonano swarm or some kind of bionano system could likely be created. I don't think it would work exactly as described in the article (e.g., extracting metal for a bomb casing seems unnecessary if the goal is just to generate a fission explosion - coral or the like seems like a better and easier choice), and the time frame is iffy - lots of metals and other elements are in sea water, but they are very diffuse. The result might be something like a huge algae bloom that creates some kind of coral like structure that produces a bomb or the like and takes a while to do it.

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Thinking about this further, some kind of organism that extracts material from sea water (and the air probably) to produce a chemical explosive of some kind (and in quantity) is probably both easier, faster, and nearly as dangerous if you have enough of it. While not as spectacular as a nuclear explosive, in large enough amounts it could severely disrupt shipping or endanger coastal communities if it washed ashore.

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