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 How can I realistically use pantropy in a hard science fiction setting?
Like it says on the tin. Oh and BE WARNED: I am trying to the best of my ability to exclude any brain uploading (for now), because of ethical and moral concerns (even if the technology is available). Well, this setting has the technology and some people can upload their brains into computers, but the process is very dangerous and "unethical" and it is quotations with good reason. Now, national entities in the setting, their colonies and newly formed independent states all have their regulations, but the general public perception is very mixed (unfortunately leaning slight to the negative end of the spectrum), and particularly negative on developing regions of Earth where they are seen as either "Playing [Insert Deity Name Here]" or a "tool of manipulation and control used by imperialists". However, there are two types of pantropy: planetary adaptation pantropy and microgravity adaptation pantropy. All with their respective methods, but the most popular involving genetic manipulation. For a setting of that level and where the Singularity has happened very recently (very recently being in the decades prior to 2500 CE and without ), is this handwavium or are there ways to do this in a plausible fashion?
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How can I realistically use pantropy in a hard science fiction setting? - by Ace009 - 04-27-2016, 11:42 PM

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