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Achaz the Transavant
Hi I'm Achaz, 20 years old male. (Altough I've read my first Orion's Arm article when I was like 14-15)
I'm mainly here to lurk the forum. Tongue
I'm quite fan of all these strange clades, technologies (I'm clearly a partisan of synanotech : the separation between biotechnology and drytech is meaningless and both ultimately merges into something wider and greater Cool ) and xenosophonts. (really alien for once Tongue ) Oh and don't forget the strange transapients and archais; all kinds of collective minds,ect....

Speaking of the Xenosophonts, do you know any good material about really alien aliens and xeno-ecosystems ? the best things I've seen are the paper Xenopsychology (The best thing I know about really alien psychologies/neurologies) and two docu-fiction about speculative xenofauna and xenoflora : Alien Planet/Darwin IV and Extraterrestial (Especially everything about Rheos/Bluemoon)
There is also Snaiad.

PS : Could you change my username ? I would like te be named "Achaz the Transavant " instead of only "Achaz"
Thanks. Wink
"Cyborgs to the left of us, bioroids to the right. The Commonwealth's the only place left where you can find true humans." Her gills swell with suppressed rage.


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