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Achaz the Transavant
Hi I'm Achaz, 20 years old male. (Altough I've read my first Orion's Arm article when I was like 14-15)
I'm mainly here to lurk the forum. Tongue
I'm quite fan of all these strange clades, technologies (I'm clearly a partisan of synanotech : the separation between biotechnology and drytech is meaningless and both ultimately merges into something wider and greater Cool ) and xenosophonts. (really alien for once Tongue ) Oh and don't forget the strange transapients and archais; all kinds of collective minds,ect....

Speaking of the Xenosophonts, do you know any good material about really alien aliens and xeno-ecosystems ? the best things I've seen are the paper Xenopsychology (The best thing I know about really alien psychologies/neurologies) and two docu-fiction about speculative xenofauna and xenoflora : Alien Planet/Darwin IV and Extraterrestial (Especially everything about Rheos/Bluemoon)
There is also Snaiad.

PS : Could you change my username ? I would like te be named "Achaz the Transavant " instead of only "Achaz"
Thanks. Wink
"Cyborgs to the left of us, bioroids to the right. The Commonwealth's the only place left where you can find true humans." Her gills swell with suppressed rage.

Hi! Welcome to OA!

Yes, Snaiad and Robert Freitas' work are both very good.

There is also Epona
and Furaha
I should also mention Abiogenisis' work on the Birrin homeworld.
Each of these projects have a small tangential connection with OA, in various ways.

I'm not sure I know how to change your username, by the way, but someone else might know.
Hi There - Welcome to OASmile

If you look at the top left of the forum, you should see a message saying something like 'Welcome back Achaz. You last visited: xxxx (User CP - Log Out)

Click on User CP (= User Control Panel) - you will go to your control panel.

Look at the list of options on the left side of your control panel. You should see a section for Your Profile > Edit Profile > Change Username.

Click Change Username - you will be prompted to provide your current password and for the new Username. Then click the Update Username button. Your username should be changed at that point.

I'm not sure if there's a character limit on usernames, but I'm sure the system will either tell you or truncate your new username if it goes over the limit.

If the above, doesn't know, let me know - either here or via PM - and I can see about doing a Moderator update of your profile.

Hope this helps,

If you're looking for artwork, the projects mentioned so far are definitely the most cohesive and high quality. If you're looking for more, you can use the search term speculative biology, exobiology, speculative exobiology, speculative evolution in a search engine or on an online art community like deviantart to find more. At this point, drawing aliens is a regular exercise in art schools and for some professional illustrators.

We had this discussion a while back in the 'world builders resources' section

There's a book extraterrestrials illustrated by adolf schaller,

but here's some of the material online

Some classic books for inspiration
-mission of gravity by hal clement
-dragon's egg by robert l forward
-solaris by stanislaw lem
- The Mote in God's Eye by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournell (Moties)

They're not super hard sci fi, but
Calculating God by robert j sawyer - in which, among other topics, there are aliens that see morality differently.

Lilith's brood by Octavia butler- the Oankali

The three body problem by Cixin Liu (english translation now available) explores several topics, including the society and biology of some aliens who live in an unpredictable triple star system. Great book in general though.

This short story/morality play by Eliezer Yudkowsky
Thanks for the links. Smile
"Cyborgs to the left of us, bioroids to the right. The Commonwealth's the only place left where you can find true humans." Her gills swell with suppressed rage.


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