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warships and troop transports disguised as grapeships
(02-09-2016, 12:35 PM)stevebowers Wrote: Sometimes the lower transapients can come into conflict with each other, and sometimes these conflicts will involve modosophonts who can barely understand what is going on; but these conflicts are trivial matters to the ruling archailects.
.... If the conflict gets out of hand then the archailects might step in to defuse the situation- but even the archailects have their disagreements on occasions.

The background for the story is that The Forced Plebiscite Association is operating out of the NoCoZo against targets in Mennefer space. Since the FPA isn't coercing another Zone polity they're not breaking Zone rules. The Mennefer transapients, supported by the Tresviri archai, have pulled together several armadas to deal with the situation.

The attack on Helios system, however, is unexpected since the FPA hasn't operated there. The Jade Emperor purchased Helios system from the Free Marketeers, and when he was overthrown and couldn't make any more payments the Marketeers went bankrupt. The owners then retired to a bill-gated virtual community.

There's something new for O.A. -- billgated communities. Or has someone else already thought of this?

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