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warships and troop transports disguised as grapeships
There are many toposophic levels in Sephirotic society. Modosophonts are the most numerous, but they are also the least powerful. Further up the line there are transapients that can achieve remarkable things, but they are still vastly inferior to the greater and greatest archailects that rule the empires. Sometimes the lower transapients can come into conflict with each other, and sometimes these conflicts will involve modosophonts who can barely understand what is going on; but these conflicts are trivial matters to the ruling archailects.

Sometimes, perhaps often, the archailects will allow the lower transapients to have their little wars, perhaps to establish dominance on their level. Such conflicts might start in the backwater systems, the ones far from any wormhole, but on occasion they will spread to (and between) systems with wormhole connections. Since transapients are involved, you should anticipate that some pretty convoluted strategies could be employed. Grapeships could be quickly reconfigured as warships, perhaps after passing through a 'hole; and skill modules might be subverted or jammed using transapientech countermeasures.

If the conflict gets out of hand then the archailects might step in to defuse the situation- but even the archailects have their disagreements on occasions.

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