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warships and troop transports disguised as grapeships
Don't mean to pile on but one more consideration RE manufacturing: each household in an OA civ is likely to have its own fab for "light" construction of goods. If the civ has one billion people and an average of four people per house then there are 250 million domestic fabs in that civ. At 10kg per hour that means that 55 million tonnes could be produced per day, just from people's homes.

Looking at that another way imagine a military swarm composed of synsects. Individually the synsects are fairly weak: they're the size of a bee (total volume 1cm3), their limbs have tiny claws to disassemble the enemy, they have transceivers and data-proboscis for cyberwarfare, can camouflage and they have a milliwatt laser. Pretty pathetic individually. As a swarm though they are devastating. A room full of these could wipe the floor of any modern military company. If each one is 2.5 grams then the domestic industry alone can produce 22 trillion in a day.
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