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warships and troop transports disguised as grapeships
Not got a lot of time atm so quick post:

I can't find the thread on my phone, I do remember it though. The basic exercise was working out how good an OA factory/shipyard is. A standard assembler/nanofactory is 1m3 and can produce 10kg of product per hour. Using that Todd ran through a number of larger designs.

Just to list one of them:

Imagine a cube-shaped shipyard, 1km wide. The walls are 10m thick, the interior is hollow save for scaffold and robotic arms to fit together the produced material. If we say that 10% of the walls are made of assemblers (the rest being mechanical support, cooling, power, mattercaches etcetera) that gives a total assembler count of 5,880,800. In other words this shipyard can produce 55,808 tonnes of material every hour.

That's an upper limit obviously, physical assembly could slow it down and the 10kg figure is an average. But a million tonne product per day seem likely.
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