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warships and troop transports disguised as grapeships
I think this could be tweaked a bit to work Smile a few thoughts:

1) Having transapients on either side needs care to write. If you plan on having modosophont characters you need a role for them which might be difficult in the face of ultratech armies and hyperturing memetics.

2) Take into account the angelnet. Even if the population are receptive to the invaders the angelnet is one of the biggest threats. Doesn't matter if you have a lot of boots on the ground, things are going to get explosive if every piece of machinery works against them and the very air turns solid and tries to cut/burn/eat them. A potential role for the transap attackers would be to subvert the angelnet, either using cyber warfare or convincing a defending transap to join them.

3) I wouldn't worry too much about the wormhole or overseeing regional Archai. They may be ok with this sort of limited conflict in certain contexts. Especially if the polity in question is loosely affiliated. Perhaps have a few lines suggesting that both sides have to treat carefully in the weapons and tactics they use to avoid the Archai stepping in against them.

4) What is the justification for invasion?
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