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warships and troop transports disguised as grapeships
The basic premise for a story I'm working on is that a star system is softened up for conquest by saboteurs just prior to the invasion coming thru the wormhole. The attackers are disguised as commercial grapeships, but the pods/shuttles for the battle ships (Jane's Battleships, Jane Nakamura commanding) are autowars, and each pod/shuttle on the troop transports carries a reinforced battalion. I estimate 3200 grapeships to deliver 2.4 million troops to their targets.

I'm assuming everything is running on minimum power to disguise the fact that the troop transports are not the passenger liners they seem to be, and that the "cargo pods" are actually autowars.

Very little bloodshed is involved. The prep work included memetic attacks to reinforce the population's general assumption that it really doesn't matter which group of transapients is running the show. Power and communications stoppages precede the occupation.

Any thoughts, comments, criticisms?

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