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Storing Drafts
Just wondering, where do the rest of you guys store your drafts for EG articles? I have about ten drafts I'm working on now, and store them in a sandbox on another site. I'm assuming it's mostly Word/WordPad with you guys, yeah? I think it would be cool if we had a specific place to store drafts on EG.
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The drafts function of this forum Wink
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I have to be honest, I noticed something that said "Drafts", and... yeah, I'm not called a "professional idiot' for nothing. Tongue I thought it was just for drafts of PMs, but yeah, I getcha. I must check it out...
James Rogers, Professional Idiot
I use Word and store everything on Google Drive. This predates the creation of the forum and I find it convenient as well as preferring to keep my drafts and completed versions on non-OA servers.

Google Docs.
Google Drive and Google Docs.

I also have a multi-gigabyte folder full of art on my laptop that I should seriously consider backing up online...
I use Word or Wordperfect (Word moreso in recent years), and keep a copy on my home computer. Along with anything else of practical or sentimental value that's on my computer I back this up from time to time to an external drive that I keep elsewhere, just in case of I lose my primary copies to fire, thieves, or whatever. Somehow I've never been entirely comfortable with keeping things on hardware that I don't own. Likely I'll have to get over that at some point.

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