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Childhood's End Mini-Series Coming to SyFy Channel
Saw a commercial/trailer on this the other day..


The YouTube link plays better.
Childhood's End was the first hard science fiction novel I ever read, at the age of about twelve. I was profoundly affected by this novel, especially the part where Rodricks gets to go to another star system.
Much the same for me here. Childhood's End was the first SF novel I ever read around the age of 8 or 9. We had just moved back to Alaska after my mom met my dad and I was very bored. Found the book on the shelf and started reading. It's what got me started on my lifelong love affair with SF and with reading in general. Before CE the most complicated thing I'd ever read was a comic book and my reading level was way below where it should have been. After CE, and also due to the dedicated work of a teacher in my school, I enjoyed reading and it is still my major form of recreation.

I'm hopeful that SyFy channel won't butcher the story.

(09-08-2015, 10:58 AM)Drashner1 Wrote: I'm hopeful that SyFy channel won't butcher the story.

I hear that, there's always the danger of loosing the true meaning so easily, it's a subtle trans-humanist journey, not sure how they can convey this with explosions and cgi aliens.

Now i must hunt this trailer down tho it was not my first sci-fi. That would be "a matter of oaths" and "the khans persuasion" which were both a bit Mills & Boon in space to be honest but contained enough geek bait to whet my appetite.
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