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Aurora - a critique by Stephen Baxter and others
(08-19-2015, 10:52 AM)Bear Wrote: Starting from an abiotic environment is hard. But, seriously, the Book of Life is a source document. It's useful on literally every planet where you want to introduce life, and it doesn't need a complete rewrite for every new endeavor. It's information infrastructure. And if you later want to change your biosphere or introduce a known species, there it is and you can just do it.

It doesn't imply the expertise to get parental care taken care of or get things in the right order, but none of that stuff is even relevant or possible if you don't have the information. And, well, information as data is just easier to manage, transmit, and store than information as DNA molecules in cryogenically stored gametes.

Why don't you write this up as an EG entry? Perhaps there could be another article called "The Program of Living" (or any better name you can think of lol) which is the protocol for how to go from an abiotic environment to a thriving ecology of your choice drawing from the Book of Life.
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