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Aurora - a critique by Stephen Baxter and others
I can't say I've been impressed with anything KSR has written aside from the Mars Trilogy, which is unfortunate. I've not read this but a few points based on the feedback:

1) Colonising an earthlike planet with an existing ecosystem could very well be dangerous from a medical perspective. Whilst infections might be unlikely due to lack of co-evolution overstimulation of the innate immune system could be a huge problem. If the biochemistry is similar to Earth then the entire ecosystem is going to be soaked with material that could provoke a (lethal) allergic response.

2) Agreed with Todd. If you can build an interstellar colony ship you have to be able to build a self-sustaining ecosystem (one good enough to support a large population of humans). There's no requirement for a planet with a biosphere. You could built a closed city on a moon, planet or mine an asteroid to build a hab.
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  1. DNI
  2. Internal medical system
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