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Voices: Future Tense Issue 30 Now Available
Voices: Future Tense Issue 30 is now available online!

Table of Contents


Hey! This Isn't an OA Story...!?


Head of the Herd Pt3 of 4 - by Steve Bowers

Short Stories:

The Monkey King - by Richard Tornello

A Day in the Life:

An Introduction to Your Direct Neural Interface - by Rynn

Book Reviews:

Slow Bullets - by Alastair Reynolds

From the Encyclopedia Galactica:

Arcturus Institute of Alternate History

Real Life But OA Relevant:

SLIPS ONE and TWO from JohnnyYesterday

A Water Computer from ai vin

Special Features:

Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years - conclusion (for now)

A Fish Out of Water - conclusion (for now)

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