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Demigod by Jaron Lee Knuth
I downloaded this book a few hours ago and thought I'd recommend it. It's currently free as a kindle copy:

The book could be good inspiration for some aspects of OA. I'll start by saying it isn't a great book but it is an interesting one. The plot concerns the protagonist, Ben, receiving psychic powers after decades of being a patient in a care home due to his mental illnesses. At first he uses these powers for social advantage, then as they grow he becomes a stereotypical superhero and eventually he becomes godlike and starts taking on governments and societies as a whole to make the world a better place.

The story could have done with a bit more intelligent thought. Ben eventually becomes godlike but still makes mistakes that made me cringe and acted in ways that are stupid or unnecessary. For instance: (minor spoiler) despite being able to read the mind of everyone on Earth and draw from their knowledge he can't think of a better way of dealing with the worlds problems than brute force and often violence. A more interesting story would have had him use his powers to introduce various disruptive changes that lead to the current economic and social status quos fall g apart naturally IMO. The reason I think this could have a lot of input to OA is by drawing potential analogies to a transap with an angelnet taking over a prim society for it's own good. Although in this case Ben is less of a transap and more of a su trying to do his best.

Anyho, if anyone reads it enjoy Smile

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