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Augments, straw-men and techno-optimism
I tend to think that out tech timeline is quite pessimistic compared to many other sci-fi timelines, possibly with the exception of the genetic modification segments. Most sci-fi universes have hyper-powered spacecraft and interstellar colonies in the next couple of hundred years, while many transhumanist-style scenarios assume that uploading comes very soon as well. Neither of these things are going to happen soon.

Viable genetic modification to the point of creating new species is also likley to take a long time, somewhat longer than we assume; we could move these species back again(we have already moved them back once, but quite possibly not far enough) - and/or we could describe more failures in the earliest part of the timeline. Here's one failure; - but more would be welcome.

Augments are also likely to have many unintended consequences- we have described a few, but a few more would be welcome.

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