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*As Biggs sees OA* Look at the size of that thing!
(04-25-2015, 11:50 PM)Rynn Wrote: Welcome to the forum Dorran Smile there's maybe one or two people who have read everything in the EG, but as its constantly getting updated and added to there's always something new. In regards to warp drives we do have something of that sort in the setting: void motes

They are microscopic warp bubbles (bigger on the inside) that are the basis for reactionless drives. The science behind them is way beyond ordinary humans however, that sort of exotic matter and space time engineering can only be done by Archai. Though it's entirely possible a modosophont might be gifted one.

An important difference between these and classical warp drives is that they cannot go faster than light, however they can allow for some extremely fast accelerations.

Intriguing... *opens halo cryotube* see you at alpha centauri in about 6 years.

But thanks for the welcome and answer Big Grin I very much like the vague notions of psudeo-gods I've picked up so far, always a fun topic of morals in fiction :3 I'm sure in time I'll figure out what a modosophont is too... Tongue

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