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Orion's Arm Best of the Year 2012 - EG Entries
Hello all,

As promised, here is the second of the polls for the 2012 Best of the Year

This particular poll will allow you to vote for your choice for best EG entry of 2012. The candidate EGs can be found on this page here:

The poll to vote for your favorite entry can be found at this link here:

The system will only let you vote once, so make sure your vote is a good one. Please note that you will need to scroll back to the top of the screen once you have voted to see the closing confirmation message.

This poll will close on Wednesday, May 15, 2013.



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Hello All,

Here are the winners for our Best of the Year Award for EG Entiries:

First Place ($25 prize) - Bubblehabs by Stephen Inniss, Steve Bowers, Luke Campbell, Todd Drashner, Craig Higgs, Mike Miller, & Mark Ryherd

Second Place ($15 prize) - Unnamed species HIE300CZE - by Steve Bowers

Third Place ($5 prize) - Nootropics - by Ryan B

Congratulations to our winners and thanks to everyone who participated. Also apologies for how long this has taken. There have been some issues and lessons learned, but I think we've got those ironed out now.

Winners - I will be contacting you directly in the next week or so to arrange payment to you.



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