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Post scarcity economics fiction and non fiction
So, I found a bit more. The book The Spike, by Damien Broderick (about the Singularity and worth a read all in its own right), talks a bit about post-scarcity and mentions the writings and works of Robert Theobold:

in particular his ideas on a Guaranteed Minimum Income and his book Free Men and Free Markets and The Guaranteed Income.

The Spike doesn't go into great detail on either of these or on Theobold (not the main focus of the book) but it's possible his works may go into the level of detail you are looking for, at least for this particular type of society.

On a more general note, you might look at some of the websites and groups cited on the wikipedia page and see what writings they refer to or can point you to if you contact them. And of course, OA itself could be a great exercise in multiple detailed group thought experiments on different forms of post-scarcity society. I certainly think it could be fun to talk aboutSmile

Hope this helps,


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