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Post scarcity economics fiction and non fiction
Incidentally, I found the story Manna very inspiring, as a cautionary tale. The idea that each human citizen could have a dedicated AI advisor that in fact controls them like a robot, rewarding obedient behaviour and punishing inefficiency, is a powerful one.

I think that such a society could easily emerge in the Dark Age Solar System (or among the new colonies established after the Great Expulsion). Similar societies might emerge at later dates as well, but under different circumstances. Imagine a benevolent AI tyrant, that is only concerned about the best use of human labour, and uses wearable monitoring equipment and (possibly, but not necessarily) neural interfacing to ensure fine control over its human subjects. Such a system might even be tolerable for the humans involved, so long as the AI tyrant continues to monitor the humans' well-being and ensures they do not suffer discomfort.

I'll mull it over and produce an outline, unless someone else produces one first.

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