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Possible 8GeV WIMP detection
This is somewhat unexpected:

Here's a good slide deck explaining the rationale:

The Observational Case For 7-8 GeV Dark Matter: Fermi, CoGeNT and DAMA

And the original paper:

Dark matter annihilation in the Galactic Center as seen by the Fermi Gamma Ray Space Telescope
Hmm. What might the implications of this be if it pans out? Both in terms of the RL, and in OA?

Presuming that this form of dark matter can do the 'ghost' thing of just passing through normal matter like it's not there (is that theoretical aspect of things still viable btw?) but also annihilates on contact with itself to produce gamma rays (need to look at these sources in more depth to see if it comes in different types to do that or just in general) there might be various applications. Presuming the archai can synthesize the stuff somehow, which would seem doable since it was created in this universe in the first place.



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