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Guess I really should say ...well...something.
Hello everyone,

Some of you may remember me - I haven't been around in quite a long time.
I first joined this motley crew in 2003, and participated in the discussion for four years. It was a lot of fun.
Back in 2007 I took a job with a draconian employment agreement I had to sign. This agreement severely limited my ability to participate in online forums, or "discussions of a technical nature" (direct quote there - yeah, it was both that vague, and promised dire consequences if I were caught in violation). But that agreement I signed lapsed on November 1, 2014.

And so, I came back. Whether this is cause for celebration or lamentation is up to the individual.

For those who don't remember me, or are too new to have known me:
By trade, I am an aerospace engineer. By education, I am a computer engineer. By personal preference, I am an irreverent jokester. If you see something I wrote, and can take it two different ways - and one way gets your panties in a bunch......assume I meant the other way.
It is my belief that you should laugh at life....because if you don't, you'll start crying.

I am a writer - though my usual fare is fantasy oriented (at least that's the only thing I've been paid for so far), and I have a tendency to approach Orion's Arm more as a writer than a world builder, but that being said, one of my pet peeves in writing is works that lack internal consistency. In fantasy writing, this burden is placed squarely on the author. In hard sci-fi writing, the author has the help of Newton, Einstein, and the like.

So, hello everyone. I'll try not to derail every topic I post in....honest Angel

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