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Orion's Arm Dream - Godhood Is a Learning Experience
Clearly influenced by spending several hours yesterday reading through the Encyclopedia Galactica, last night I had an extensive dream which took place in Orion's Arm.

I was some sort of archailect. (I might have been a modosophont level subprocess, but I was definitely connected to the higher levels and could feel the transhuman perception and decision-making as part of myself.) Reality was like reading the entire Encylopedia Galactica all at once, while it was constantly changing and I could sense all this change, and at the same time sense all the past changes together. But everything was also laid out like a three-dimensional grid of space, showing where everything was, but also interconnected by flows of information and influence. I could also focus my attention here and there, zooming in and out without ever sacrificing the overview of everything, and while I had as much time to make decisions as I wanted, I could perceive the flow of centuries as well. I could also edit things, and my edits were reality, but I wasn't always very good at foreseeing what my edits would lead to.

I decided to set up a base in an unclaimed star system, which I think would've been near the Carina Rush. I named it Agape, and brought over sophonts to populate the main planet. This planet was mostly a mottled reddish color, with a few seas and scabby-looking mountains; red may have been the color of the native photosynthesis. I decided I would take direct control of everything within exactly 6.6 light years of Agape. The sophonts didn't get this, and I was like "what do you mean 'why?' I'm a frickin' archailect, you don't get to understand why!" Rolleyes

Next I focused my attention closer to the Inner Sphere, though it included much of the Middle too. Here the Sephirotics dominated the editing space, and their edits filled existence all around me. I wanted to get in on the editing too, and tried editing a few things around there myself, affecting what was going on. I didn't have any real goal here; it was a learning experience. Then I accidentally destroyed a star system. Blush

It was somewhere on the boundary between Keter and the MPA. I was thinking I should send an avatar to one of them to apologize, but I wasn't sure which. I was feeling really embarassed. I ended up not doing anything and hoping that neither of them noticed. Hopefully the Great Architect would be like "I thought you were looking after that system, Keter," and Keter would be like "I thought you were looking after it." Dodgy

Chagrined, I returned my attention to the space around Agape. Nobody else of my toposophic level was around there, so I could experiment as much as I wanted. I wanted to expand my influence. I considered a few possible configurations, which I actually created as I pondered them. Well, I could always just leave a bunch of empty space around my 6.6 ly sphere, but that seemed way too barren and minimalist. I could also directly expand in every direction until I directly bordered the major empires. But that'd be blocky and ugly. Next I considered leaving myself surrounding by a bunch of tiny decorative states. This was pretty nice. At last I tried out a more fuzzy boundary, where my empire faded out into more loosely affiliated systems until, imperceptibly, we reached an area of minor ornamental polities. This was elegant; I kept this. I had successfully arranged the political situation around myself for my aesthetic enjoyment so that I could have a pretty home Cool
This should make an excellent story.
My wife had a dream, which I turned into a story;
when she read it, she said - oh, it wasn't like that...
(11-13-2014, 10:15 PM)stevebowers Wrote: My wife had a dream, which I turned into a story;
when she read it, she said - oh, it wasn't like that...

I think I read this one years ago. I might try to do a CG version of the anenome provolve one day.

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