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Distance from the sun for tidally locked world
Planetology is not my strong suit, but a bit of quick googling turned up some descriptions of what might happen to the Earth if it became tidally locked to the sun:

Based on these, it might be good for the planet to be farther from the star than Earth, although there are probably limits to how far you can put it. You might also make the star somewhat cooler than Sol. The biosphere might also influence the climate and local conditions to some degree, allowing it to either be closer to or farther from the star that might otherwise seem apparent at first blush.

Another factor here would be just how exotic the biosphere might be. OA has naturally evolved biospheres on planets that are totally uninhabitable by our current standards. So, depending on how much you want it to be 'terra like' there might be some flexibility there as well.

Hopefully, one of our planetary folks can weigh in on this, but my WAG on distance would be no closer than Earth's current distance (unless the star is significantly cooler), and probably not as far out as Mars.

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