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I was admiring OA's timeline [] and am hoping someone can explain how I can go about creating one myself. I've found the widget's official "getting started" page [] (which isn't very concise), and I know it involves HTML code - but I have negligible experience with any sort of coding. I would be very appreciative if anyone with more experience has any helpful pointers, can recommend a good HTML editing program (ideally online) and hopefully provide with the pre-assembled basic template for the timeline so that I can just insert the data. Again, it would be a huge help! Smile
The programming part is beyond me as well, I'm afraid. Trond, our webmaster and the person who set up our timeline, is currently in the process of getting married and finishing his Phd, so is a bit out of pocket until sometime in September.

That said, I know from experience that there are (or were the last time I checked) a number of timeline websites that will basically produce the same sort of interactive timeline, but hosted on the sites servers. You just have to insert the data and the site takes care of the rest.

If you think something like that would work for you, I can see if I can dig up one of the sites I found before and point you at it. Or some googling on interactive timelines will probably turn them up as well.

Hope this helps,

Thanks! I'll look into those. Smile

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