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Good YouTube video

Presented as a kind of 'documentary' two billion years in the future, over a billion years after Terragen life became extinct. In the fairly near future (a few millennia hence) the godlike Qu invade the Terragen sphere. Our explorations had hinted that such rapacious civilizations exist in the galaxy, and we had prepared as well as we could, but were quickly overwhelmed. The Qu annihilated all but a few Hider type colonies, killing the vast majority and genetically transforming the remainder into species almost indistinguishable from humanity. Those few who offered even token resistance were transformed especially sadistically. Forty million years later they simply left. Over a few million centuries some of the transformed species in a few systems re-evolved sapience and returned to space, eventually establishing one of the great civilizations of the galaxy. Then we faded into the mists of extinction which claim all species eventually.

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