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Just steered into port...
(02-01-2022, 04:44 AM)mawrhinamtiskaw Wrote: Yeah, differing definitions of insanity between, say, the Negentropy Alliance and the Technorapture Hypernation are fascinating to contemplate. I especially think about psychologies that are looked down upon/pitied in today's world and how the social ecologies of the far future might support or even prefer them. Sometimes that juxtaposition is so compelling that I wonder if cryopreservation across millennia could be a viability in this setting, some eccentric or another setting their alarm clock for the Eleventh Millenium and finding themselves adjusting to vastly different standards. Of course, that might be probing too deeply into the near future, but maybe some plot devices could obscure any fatal details?

If you haven't already, suggest that you check out Dirty Hands in our fiction section.

It plays with the stasis element you mention, although the characters don't get all the way to Y11k in their journey thru time.

It does offer an interesting take on how someone who is recognizably 'someone like us' (people in real life (RL) ) might get into the OA future. Including the bit about whether or not they are real or simulations of some kind.

Another story that plays with the simulation concept a bit more (and from a different direction) is The Fireman.

There are also transapients in the setting who create such Societeums for their own (not always pleasant) purposes and hide them away from the rest of the world. In some cases, the Civilized Galaxy is able to locate and liberate these places, gradually helping the inhabitants leave and join the wider civilization.

In other words, even though it isn't really possible to literally take someone from our time and physically (temporally) transport them into Y11k, it is possible to get within some centuries of the here and now - or have them come from a simulation of our world that is virtually indistinguishable from reality - until they are freed or otherwise find themselves in one of the Sephirotic empires or the like.

Hope this helps,


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