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Just steered into port...
Hi, all! I'm really excited to join the forums here and get to know the community better. I've been a reader and writer of science fiction among other things for years, and while most of my own work has a "softer" bent, I later found that transhumanist themes make for much more interesting stories in hard sf! I've been reading Orion's Arm for some time now, and it seems to have taken the best of those elements and spun them into a sprawling space opera where anything is possible. 

I'm hoping to share some of my own work within the universe soon. Some themes that especially interest me are:

 - Slices of life in the empires

 - Sephirotic diplomacy

 - OA interpersonal relationships, especially interclade 

 - Mental health in the Sephirotic Alliance

This setting can generate so many unique characters, and that's what I'm most interested in exploring! I'll be curious to see how well others think my stories fit in with the project. I've seen all kinds of styles in the archive, but my tendency to dwell on the inner lives of characters may need some adjustment. 

I'm also interested in drawing more within the universe and perhaps even making some renders. The visual art on this site is incredibly nostalgic. 

I hope I'm able to exchange some work with others soon! I've always been so interested in transhumanism and the personalities of the far future, and OA seems like the perfect place to connect over those topics.

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