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Hello! Enjoying Orion's Arm again!
Hello everyone!

   I used to read Orion's Arm about 15 years ago when I was a teenager and a long lockdown nostalgia tour of various media (alongside a renewed interest in Science Fiction) I ended up back here, feel like I understand it a bit better this time! I even tried to see if any old emails still worked here but I think the account must be long gone.

I particularly like the Solar System Era and the "Solar System in 560 AT" article, to see where technology and exploration would take us in the relatively near future. I think snapshot articles of a particular time are really interesting ways of reading about the setting. Are there any others? The only other one I've seen is "The Solar System in the 9th Century AT", are there any others?

Personally I have to say I think I would remain a baseline on some peaceful reserve rather than some morphologically fluid future being. Though I find it interesting that the relatively small proportion of humanity willing to undertake radical changes to colonise the stars could end up representing the vast majority of its future. Perhaps there are some parallels with the sections of medieval society that were optimised for modern, capitalist urban living which ended up being the future of those societies.

I love that Orion's Arm keeps some mystery about the long lost past and far off civilisations, either in the other side of the galaxy or in another reality altogether.

I noticed on WorldCat, the global library database, that the Orion's Arm novella collections seems not to be held by any library around the world. I may have to buy a copy of each and donate them the British Library once read, to save them for posterity.

Merry Christmas!

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