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New here!
(11-09-2021, 12:05 PM)Drashner1 Wrote: Hi There - Welcome to OA Smile

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have about the setting and project and to join in on any forum discussions that grab your interest. Or to start a new one if there's something you want to discuss that we aren't currently talking about.

As far as who/what we are - I'd recommend this page - LINK - for a quick summary of what we are on about.

Also the TV Tropes page for Orion's Arm is generally a good 'Cliff's Notes' summary of the setting and project, although it's not 100% accurate.

Dfleymmes1134 has already posted some good links for learning more about the OA setting and life within it, so I'll go instead for recommending other works you might like that feature interesting aliens in realistic settings.

The Crucible of Time by John Brunner

Manifold: Space by Stephen Baxter

The Flight of the Dragonfly (aka Rocheworld) by Robert L. Forward

Dragon's Egg by Robert L. Forward

Hope this helps and once again - Welcome to OA!



Thank you! I have read more on the ETs and I have to say that is has sucked me in! I really enjoy the fact that a lot of the extraterrestrials that 'we' know of are either second hand knowledge or viewed but not directly interacted with. That is a very cool aspect, the Leviathan that the Triangulum galaxy has sent about sounds fascinating. Thank you again for the recommendations! I have a lot of reading ahead of me so I may as well get started!

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