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Climate Change
In my own manuscripts the carbon crisis has most people living in below-grade or earth-sheltered housing in about a hundred years from now.  Entire communities and cities underground in about 200 years.   And then Yellowstone erupts putting a bunch more nails in the Carbon Crisis and it takes them a long time to recover.  But they do, and eventually Earth is a nice place again, and that lasts for ~600 years.  And then there's a biological warfare event that goes far FAR worse than anybody wants it to and wipes out all eukaryotes.  Including all the people who know what the fight was even about.

The book takes place in the Post-Eschatonic Era, which follows the last, or Anthropocene, age of the Holocene Era, and focuses on the descendants of people who were out of town at the time and missed the end of the world.

Incidentally, I should clarify that I think I'm being pretty optimistic about Earth's future. Having this place in even a marginally useful or livable state for more than another thousand years is better than I actually expect.


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