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Just your run of the mill intro
I have read a bit of the content within OA encyclopedia and have often wondered how the universe could be expanded. Possibly a roguelike set during the Technopocalypse, maybe a story about the first cyro frozen person waking up to a whole new world thousands of years later. I personally hope that this community made fictional universe will be enjoyed by many people in the future.  In my opinion, a lot of people are missing out. If within my ability I would like to translate some of these articles into a different language....Japanese. I enjoy a lot of sci-fi franchises and I wish they would be more appreciated by non-English speaking parts of the world, hopefully OA and many others (Battletech and Star Trek) will get more attention in the future.

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Just your run of the mill intro - by Clockwork - 11-20-2020, 02:22 AM
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