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Away on Netflix
(09-12-2020, 07:52 PM)stevebowers Wrote: In a confined space (like the Lunar Warrens in OA) there may even be a tendency towards wearing light head guards, as people would hit their heads on the ceiling.

Quite possibly - especially since the majority of the population on the Lunar Warrens would be from Earth and would have muscles and reflexes considerably overpowered for the Lunar environment. On the flip side the more 'well off' (relatively speaking) parts of the Warrens might pad the walls to protect against bumps 'from the other side' as it were. An intermediate solution might be Terran refugees rigging up pads using bedding or clothing, either brought from Earth or scavenged (or stolen) from other parts (and residents) of the Warrens.

(09-12-2020, 07:52 PM)stevebowers Wrote: I can't see why you'd go to Mars from the Moon, though.

I haven't seen the show yet, so don't know what, if any, rationale was provided, but I have seen occasional arguments for returning to the Moon and establishing a presence there before attempting Mars. Reasons for this vary, but include building up knowledge and experience with working in space/on another world, potential help from Earth being much closer, possibly providing at least a portion of the resources for a Mars expedition from the Moon rather than lifting everything up out of Earth's gravity well, and possibly developing industrial and/or scientific projects on the Moon that could benefit Earth (low gravity/vacuum industrial processes, astronomy, spin off techs from learning to live on the Moon, solar energy farms beaming energy, whether to Earth or to installations and ships in the Earth-Moon volume - including an eventual Mars expedition when it launches perhaps, etc.).

Given that Mars isn't going anywhere and it's not entirely clear to me what we would get out of going there other than scratching some mental itches, I have to say I tend to lean toward the idea that we should develop our space capacity with some intermediate steps (the Moon, Near Earth Asteroids) first rather than just going straight there.

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