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I'm new here, and I have so many dumb questions.
Hello there, I got interested in this setting sometime late last year and I got interested in it; In that time I also got interested in many other pieces of obscure media, and so I have questions that can the chalked down to "How accurate can X Ability/Effect/Item/etc from Y Media be replicated in the Orion's Arm setting mostly outside of a Virch unless otherwise specified?". As you can probably guess, I'm going to ask one of those optional questions, I'm sorry if I may get annoying please tell me when I do so and I'll stop.

But anyway, I'll ask my first question: How much of the Hexnose Forest can be replicated outside of a Virch? (New Age Vilous Canon)

Remember it's optional to answer these questions; so don't feel pressured or anything, you can ignore them if you want to.

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I'm new here, and I have so many dumb questions. - by Be'y Prediction Algorithm - 02-23-2020, 05:32 AM

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