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The Oracle Fragment graphic novel Patrreon now open!
I've copied the banner and announcement for The Oracle Fragment to the OA main page. Please look it over and tell me what you think.

On a related note - Have we posted anything to our Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr pages about TOF yet? And is it practical/desirable to post anything to the Discord, assuming we haven't already?

I've also made some adjustments to our mentions of the OA fiction for sale on the front page as well. In the process of working on it, I've found that we have different links in different parts of the website leading to different vendor (Barnes and Noble, Amazon, our internal PDF copy sales page) for Against a Diamond Sky.

While our second book, After Tranquility was done entirely through Amazon, ADS was done across a range of platforms. I'm not entirely sure how to characterize that off the top of my head, but this is probably something we should address in the fairly near future for consistency. Will let this percolate a bit and then take a shot at it, assuming no one beats me to it or wants to present an option(s) proactively here and now.



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