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Himmelsschmiede: so adorably tiny
Deep Well Industrial Zone Himmelsschmeide impressed me with its drama and scope: a 46 solar mass star turned into a monstrous industrial forge.

Today, I learned about S5 0014+18, a blazar of epic scale. "it is one of the most luminous quasars known, with a total luminosity of over 10^41 Watts, equal to an absolute bolometric magnitude of -31.5. If the quasar were at a distance of 280 light-years from Earth, it would give out as much energy per square meter as the Sun does at Earth, despite being 18 million times more distant. The quasar's luminosity is therefore about 3 × 10^14 (300 trillion) times the Sun, or over 25,000 times as luminous as all the 100 to 400 billion stars of the Milky Way Galaxy combined...The central black hole of the quasar devours an extremely huge amount of matter, equivalent to 4,000 solar masses of material every year.

"To their surprise, they found out that the central black hole of S5 0014+81 is actually 10,000 times more massive than the black hole at the center of our galaxy, or equivalent to 40 billion solar masses. This makes it one of the most massive black holes ever discovered, more than six times the value of the black hole of Messier 87, which was thought to be the largest black hole for almost 60 years, and was coined to be an "ultramassive" black hole. The Schwarzschild radius of this black hole is 118.35 billion kilometers, giving a diameter of 236.7 billion kilometers, 1,600 astronomical units...and has a mass equivalent to four Large Magellanic Clouds. What is even more remarkable is that such a large black hole existed so early in the universe, at only 1.6 billion years after the Big Bang. This suggests that supermassive black holes formed very quickly."

Potential OA applications:
1) 4000 solar masses per year, vs. Himmelsschmiede's 5000 Earth masses makes for a BIG deep well industrial zone
2) Ancient xenosophonts, the Dawn People, who had a galactic-scale civilization in 12 billion BT
Mike Miller, Materials Engineer

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