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Is this what technotelepathy will be like?
(07-26-2018, 07:50 AM)stevebowers Wrote: I am probably wrong, but I think that every biont mind is arranged in an idiosyncratic way. The genetic instructions that combine to build a brain are so concise that they can surely only give the broadest instructions about how to organise the information it recieves. I think this means that anyone with a direct neural interface and an exoself would need to go through a long adaptive process in order to learn how to interpret the data from that interface; and conversely the interface would need to be smart enough to learn how to interpret the mind and brain's idiosyncratic internal signalling codes.

The mind is certainly idiosyncratic within a certain range. Our DNI installation and features articles do include a period of modelling of the brain and adapting to the user. The most rapid workaround is to have an autodoc perform a high resolution brain scan and pre-install a custom map for the interface to get going with. Technotelepathy would certainly require some form of software to decode the information into a format the other mind can assimilate, though it will still be ideosyncraric in terms of symbolic association.
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