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Lost in Space
I've also only watched the first few episodes. I'm enjoying them, but find they are more of a 'watch when I'm in the mood' sort of thing vs the 'watch an episode (or two) every night and really want to know what happens next' experience that I had with Altered Carbon.

I agree with Rynn that the effects and production values are very good. I haven't really noticed issues with the dialog and the like, but that's not an area that generally grabs my attention anyway unless its either amazingly good or amazingly bad.

The biggest issue I've had (funnily enough) is with the introduction of all of the additional characters early on, which is not (IIRC from reruns I occasionally saw growing up) in canon with the original series. Not something that bothers me much, but its a slight 'mental speedbump' when watching. I'm sure I'll get over it.Tongue


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