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Beware of the Cow
Quote:The event—or object—is referred to as “The Cow,” which seems a distinctly boring name for a violent, galaxy destroying explosion of unknown origin. It was detected as far brighter than an average supernova, and moving at an anomalously fast speed. The team of astronomers working the ATLAS telescope at the Keck Observatory reported the event in the Astronomer’s Telegram, where it sparked international curiosity and where the automated naming and cataloging system of the Telegram listed the report as “AT2018cow.” This is why we shouldn’t let computers name things.

I am constantly expecting deep space astronomy to turn up something like this; evidence of star-killer warfare, or a failed attempt to rip a wormhole into the next brane?

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Beware of the Cow - by stevebowers - 06-28-2018, 07:02 PM

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