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Bladerunner: 2049
I'm going to speak some blasphemy, then praise Bladerunner 2049.

I love the original Bladerunner because it's a deep immersion into a thoroughly detailed science fiction world, a near future and approachable world of off-world colonies, bio-androids, and arcologies. However, the plot itself is a cheesy detective noir romance shoehorned into a sci-fi drama, and it only became tolerable after the Nth director's super re-release cut patched the film together from cutting room floor remnants. I love the movie for the setting, not the plot.

Bladerunner: 2049 picks up where the original left off. It does more justice to the original movie's plot than any of the original's director's cuts. The movie brings an old fan theory about Deckard and Rachael to life. It further expands the setting, gives more than a couple of nods to the "sidequel" "Soldier", and has an engaging detective mystery plot line of its own. The setting is, as before, incredibly detailed and you learn even more about the Bladerunner world. The acting is fantastic.

I saw it once on IMAX this past Saturday and then again on Sunday. I really enjoyed it.
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