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New and Amended Pages 7/9/17
A few things, not directly relating to the updates, but stuff I noticed when I was looking at the updated articles and from the other thread on Penglai:

a) The Far Edge Civilization is described as having a wormhole link to Eden. Given that Eden is only 40ly away and the Far Edge Civ is over 500ly away, this seems like an extremely unusually long range gate on general principles, not to mention out of step with the way we've revised the structure of the Nexus in recent years. It also seems odd that such a gate would be established just on general principles. It also sounds like the wormholes are being sent from Far Edge back into the Nexus, which is something of a no-no when dealing with the wormholes.

I'd suggest that we adjust the article to have the gate link to a Relay system instead of to Eden. The second 'en route' gate can probably be removed.

b) The article on Sigma Draconis mentions that there are 5 interstellar cycler routes and describes them as having transit speeds from .1c to .3c with total cycle times ranging from 250 to 950 years. When we first created the Beamrider Network, we had it only having an average speed of .3c, but have since upped that to an average of .5c. As such, the speeds and cycle times currently listed are both out of date and too slow. I'd suggested upping the speed and reducing the cycle times accordingly. For that matter, we might want to give some thought to just how long an 'average' interstellar cycler route is and how long it takes to traverse it, just on general principles.

c) Also in the Sigma Draconis article - the wormholes listed seem to have sizes relating back to our old take on wormholes. During the redesign that resulted when Adam introduced our current wormholes, it was decided that our sizes at the time should be increased by an order of magnitude. This doesn't seem to have been applied to this article. Doing so would up the Jade Gate to 2500 meter gauge and the Menkou gate to 1000 meter gauge.

I can readily make these changes if no one has any objections or alternative ideas on the matter.



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