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Worst epic science fail you have seen in sci-fi?
This thread is about movies or tv shows where its appears the writers appear to not have access to google and make unforgivable scientific mistakes. Forget FTL travel or clarketech that should not exist. I'm talking about things that are more simple and are harder to handwave or even contradicts its own lore. One which come to mind is the episode of Star Trek: Enterprise "Marauders" where klingons steal deuterium from a mining colony. 

Deuterium being one of the most abundant matter in the universe, and they mine it on a earth like world and only by a thousand kilograms yet its as valuable as gold. As a hardcore trekkie I would think they would steal antimatter instead since that's what they use for their annihilation reactors. Science fail and inter-universe lore fail. Tongue

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Worst epic science fail you have seen in sci-fi? - by Rhea47 - 06-12-2017, 02:34 AM

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