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Arthur C Clarke Novels
I haven't read much Clarke but have heard he was notoriously bad at writing women into his novels. 2001:SO only had four or five named female characters and they were all stereotyped cameos. Even at the moon base which supposedly has thousands of the best scientists from all over the world we're only ever introduced to male scientists.

Now one can take the position that this was typical for the time (despite there being books that broke the mould, such as Starship Troopers which featured women alongside and outperforming men without calling attention to it). But it's still a perfectly valid reason not to enjoy certain works. Clarke and his contemporaries might be "classic" in the sense of how they contributed to the genre but that doesn't make them automatically good to read.

When I was younger I never used to really notice this sort of thing. It wasn't until I went to university that I encountered these sorts of criticisms (in all media). Now I'm very aware of it and it really irks me when SF novels don't have decent female characters.
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