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Arthur C Clarke Novels
I have a bit of a love / hate relationship with his work. I grew up reading his novels. I loved his technical ideas & when he went off on a tangent and started getting philosophical.

The big turn off for me was his depiction of people. His characters always came across as 1 dimensional. What really got to me in the end was his depiction of women. They always came across to me as sexual playthings, not really characters in their own right.

Eventually in my mid-teens I'd had enough. After I finished reading 'The Ghost of the Grand Banks', I swore I would never read another Clarke novel.

I'm in my early thirties now. I'd like to think I'm a little more worldly. 

So I'm considering giving Clarke another chance and I'm looking for suggestions. I know most of you are going to suggest the Rama or 2001 series, but I'd like to try one of his lesser known novels.

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