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Kevin Kelly: No Singularity
OA is really an exploration of just how diverse minds created by technology can be. We include examples of all, or almost all, of Kelly's list of 'extrahuman minds'
[Image: 0*jwtG2OA6xYqATMKR.]
If there are any types on that list that don't exist in OA, then we should think about including them, or something similar.

The 'singularities' in OA aren't really geometrical singularities, exponentiating to infinity; instead they are a sepies of very steep sigmoid curves, caused by factors that haven't been discovered in real life. These 'singuarities' are amomg the most speculative element of OA, and in some ways they are allegorical, standing in for the kinds of weirdness Kevin Kelly is describing. We don't, and can't, know what forms that weirdness will take as artificial minds become more commonplace, but we can have some fun speculating.

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