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Depends on what you mean by 'template'. In terms of the article you linked to providing a fairly basic list of features which a bioship might have, I suppose it could work as a starting point, although OA tech and setting parameters would likely take you far beyond that list in short order.

In terms of the actual design and technology described, not so much. Leviathans in Farscape apparently generate artificial gravity, which doesn't exist in OA. Same for the 'Starburst' ability. So an OA bioship would either need to be designed for periodic (or indefinite) periods of free-fall or to spin for gravity or to generate 'gravity' via acceleration - or some combo of all of these. Unless it was created by or gifted by an S4 mind or higher, it would also be limited to reaction drives, which might or might not be biological (that would require some degree of forum discussion to figure out if it was practical).

If you're looking to design a biological spacecraft within OA, I'd suggest starting off by listing out what sort of parameters you'd like to work within. Such as:

a) Operational environment (space only, ground to orbit, interplanetary space, interstellar space, etc.).

b) Propulsion, power, and performance - basically what sort of propulsion method and how fast can it go?

c) Crewed or not?

d) Primary purpose - cargo? military? passenger transport? multi-purpose? something else?

e) Size

f) Technology level - modotech, transapientech, godtech?

g) Purely biological or an amalgamation of bio and cyber tech?

Once you have those basic questions/'wants' listed out, then that can drive discussion and ideas for the rest of the design.

Hope this helps,


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